Movement Training

Using functional movement exercises is a great way to get more overall strength, mobility, flexibility, core stability and balance. This is a great way to compensate for a life behind the desk.

What is movement training?

The movement training that I practice myself uses progressions/regressions of important movement patterns, such as squats, lunges and hip hinges. Furthermore, I use the modern methods of mobility created by Emmet Louis.

This method uses full range strength training to not only gain flexibility but also strength, over the full range of motion. The training method can also be seen as a manner to increase mobility.

Why should you do movement training?

Practitioners of movement training list multiple reasons for their mobility workouts. Some use this way of working out in order to gain more freedom of movement, others do it specifically as additional training for a sport they are currently practicing. Two examples of this are:

  • Movement training enables a powerlifter to lower himself safely into squats and deadlifts.
  • Rock climbers use movement training to optimize their strength distribution.

Other, less professional athletes use movement training to help them get rid of stiffness or simply because it is a fun and diverse way of working out. Movement training is the perfect sport if you like diversity in your workouts.

Movement training for all levels

This way of working out does not require a basic level. Whether you suffer from stiffness from working at an office all day or you’re looking for improvement for your gymnastic skills, movement training can be practised by everyone.

Would you like to obtain more information about movement training? I’m happy to help you achieving your athletic goals. Feel free to contact me for additional information or visit my Instagram account to get an insight in the way I teach movement training through my latest posts.

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