Personal Training

A great way to reach a fitness that suits your lifestyle or aim for sports specific goals with professional guidance.

What is personal training?

Personal training allows you to work under professional guidance to your own personal goals. This form of training is either 1 on 1 or 1 on 2. The personal way of training is ensured by the trainer’s attention for your needs and goals.

Another advantage of personal training is the possibility to program the training to a certain person, given the fact that there are not two people alike. Every person has different wishes and needs, general fitness programs don’t work for everyone. Next to personal training I also offer small group training.

Why should you take personal training?

If you don’t know where to start your training or you have trouble reaching your goals, personal training could be the solution for you. Another reason to start personal training is if you came a long way but just did not get to the point where you want to be. A specialized trainer can help you reach those goals. I would even recommend other personal trainers to learn from each other since it is a real craft.

Who benefits from personal training?

Everyone can benefit from personal training! For young people, it is great for their development. For those, personal training has benefits like:

  • A lesser chance to become obese
  • Being aware of how to move your body
  • Developing certain skills

Older athletes can have the benefits of:

  • Staying mobile
  • Keeping the body fit for your daily tasks

Personal training vs group classes?

The biggest advantage of personal training is the personal approach. A 1 on 1 session is always centered around you and your goals. A group class is more general and therefore it could be less effective for the goals you want to reach. Hit me up to find out if personal training is something for you.

What does personal training cost?

Outdoor training:
1 on 1
Session rate 1 x per week                             €55,- Incl.btw
Session rate 2 x per week €50,- Incl. btw
1 on 2
Session rate 1 x per week                                     €80,- Incl.btw
Session rate 2 x per week                                     €75,- Incl. btw

Training in the gym
1 on 1
Session rate 1 x 60 minutes                                    €65,- Incl. btw
12 + 1 free                                €780,- Incl. Btw
1 on 2
Session rate 1 x 60 minutes                                     € 80,- Incl. Btw
12 + 1 free                                € 960,- Incl. Btw

Start with personal training?

Feel free to contact me if you would like more information about personal training. If we plan to workout in a gym, it would most-likely be in Voorschoten.

Another option is outdoor workouts. Voorschoten knows great outdoor spots to workout. I have some favorite spots in the centre of Voorschoten, but am able to work with you in places like Leiden and Wassenaar as well. I’m curious to find out about your favorite outdoor places to workout. Let me know if you prefer working out at a location of your choice.

Personal training voorschoten
One of my favourite outdoor locations to workout: the calisthenics park in Voorschoten