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About me

Let me introduce myself: my name is Gijs van Brink. With 11+ years of experience, I still enjoy practising and teaching strength training. 

Strength training with your own body weight

More challenging sports

As I was looking for more of a challenge over the years, I ended up with Calisthenics: a fun way of strength training where you use your own body weight as resistance.

From there, I developed a passion for handstand training. Having learned to do handstands in adulthood, I know exactly what the obstacles are for other adults.

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Collaboration with experts

This helps me in teaching other adults. When I started handstand training, it soon became clear that I lacked a lot of flexibility to achieve my goals. Despite having no knack for this, with hard work and the best possible help abroad (Emmet Louis and Yuval on Hands) I developed the right flexibility.

Furthermore, I trained with Jan Jirak (professional artist and coach) and we conducted a handstand workshop together in Prague.

Certified coach and personal trainer

Meanwhile, I have now been working as a coach for more than 7 years with experience in fitness at several commercial gyms. Nowadays, I work at Tri-PT studio as a coach and personal trainer. My goal is to share my passion for handstands and calisthenics with you.

Because of my intrinsic motivation, genuine interest and pleasure in personal training, I wanted to become an expert in this field. That is why I followed the training courses below:

Henselmans certified personal trainer

The most comprehensive science-based Personal training course. Developed by respected scientist, Menno Henselmans.

Fitvak A

Training as a European accredited fitness trainer.

Fitvak B

Training as a European Certified Personal Trainer.

TRX certified trainer

TRX is the original suspension trainer, a hugely useful tool that allows you to get a good workout wherever you are.

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