Calisthenics training

From entry level, basic to advanced, I teach all levels. You will find yourself getting more and more into it, liking it more, and getting results.


Why calisthenics? And is this something for me?

Calisthenics is a fun way of strength training using your own body weight. By practising calisthenics and learning new skills, you find out what your body is capable of.

In addition, you will naturally become stronger and fitter. A welcome benefit is the great physique that calisthenics helps you develop.

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Calisthenics training

What do the training sessions look like?

In this session, I offer a structured workout focused on your personal goals.

This way we work on the right progressions of the desired calisthenics exercises.

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Calisthenics training

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Basics: Do you have little or no experience? Then we start by learning the right technique on basic exercises such as push-ups, squats and pull-ups. These exercises can also be adjusted to an easier level if you don’t have the strength for it yet.

Advanced basics: Have you mastered the basics? Then think about exercises such as toes to bar, handstands, pistol squats and L-sits.

Advanced: Here you can think of handstand push-ups, front levers, planches and muscle ups.

“You’ll find yourself getting more and more into it, enjoying it, and getting results.”

Calisthenics training

Are you up for this challenge? Or would you like to know more about the possibilities? I would be happy to tell you over a cup of coffee.


Training sessions are held at Tri-PT Studio in Voorschoten. The studio is located next to the Voorschoten train station and has plenty of free parking spaces.

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