Handstand training

From entry level, basic to advanced, I teach all levels. You will find yourself getting more and more into it, liking it more, and getting results.


Why handstand training? And is this something for me?

Handstand training is for anyone who is up for a fun new challenge. It is a fairly difficult discipline that requires a lot of energy and work, but is all the more satisfying when you achieve results.

Together, we will set realistic goals for this fun and active challenge. It will be very satisfying if you reach new milestones in your training step by step. Having learnt handstands as an adult myself, I know what the obstacles are for other adults so I know exactly how to help you.

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Handstand training

What do the training sessions look like?

From entry-level, basic to advanced, I teach all levels. We start slowly and through structured training you will soon get the hang of it. You will notice that you get more and more into it, enjoy it more and get results.

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Handstand training

This is what you can learn

Basic: No experience? Then we start with the basics. We start against the wall and then move on to a free handstand.

Advanced basics: when you have mastered the free handstand, I teach you handstand shapes (including straight, tucked, diamond, straddle position), and then we can work on more specific goals, think of handstand presses (from straddle to stalder) or more difficult shapes for example.

Advanced: 1-arm handstand

“You’ll find yourself getting more and more into it, enjoying it, and getting results.”

Handstand training

Are you up for this challenge? Or would you like to know more about the possibilities? I would be happy to tell you over a cup of coffee.


Training sessions are held at Tri-PT Studio in Voorschoten. The studio is located next to the Voorschoten train station and has plenty of free parking spaces.

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