Flexibility & mobility

From entry level, basic to advanced, I teach all levels. You will find yourself getting more and more into it, liking it more, and getting results.

Mobility Training

Why flexibility/mobility training? And is this something for me?

With flexibility and mobility training, you create more freedom of movement. This training is for anyone who wants to achieve more flexibility and mobility.

It can help with stiffness (e.g. from sitting a lot behind your desk every day) or for achieving specific sports performances (e.g. Calisthenics, gymnastics, dancing, yoga, weightlifting, and endurance sports such as triathletes).

I have coached people within these sports who have achieved significant improvements thanks to this training.

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Mobility & Flexibility Training

What do the workouts look like?

First, we will determine an entry level based on your goals.

Then we will work on this step by step with a structured plan to achieve the desired results.

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Calisthenics training

You can learn this

Basics: Would you like to become more mobile or flexible in order to be able to do your daily activities better? Then this is for you.

Advanced basics: Think about sport-specific work on your mobility. For example to improve your golf swing, swimming stroke or simply to be better in your yoga class.

Advanced: Think of a pancake, forward fold, split or back bridge.

“You’ll find yourself getting more and more into it, enjoying it, and getting results.”

Flexibility/Mobility training

Are you up for this challenge? Or would you like to know more about the possibilities? I would be happy to tell you over a cup of coffee.


Training sessions are held at Tri-PT Studio in Voorschoten. The studio is located next to the Voorschoten train station and has plenty of free parking spaces.

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